We like to sell fresh fish here.

We value our partners.

We know and understand the needs of our customers.

Frozen fish

Frozen fish from the coast of Norway, Iceland, Great Britain

Smoked fish

Cold smoked fish with special recipes

Salty fish

Slightly salted fish, preserves local fabrication

Our company is based on three "whales": capable employees, respect for partners and love for our job. We are working to keep healthy our people!

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Our advantages:
-stable financial position;
-high qualification in the choice of fish;
-reputation of a reliable partner, buyer and supplier in foreign and domestic markets;
-orientation to long-term relationships;
-rapid response to market changes.

Discount!!! Esсolar (oilfish) hot smoked!

Oilfish for a very pleasant price: 185 lei/kg. Always fresh, in stock!